Digital Workplace Strategy Motivates Employees


The recent term of a "business consumer" has been dubbed by Gartner to capture the idea that employees continue to be consumers even in the workplace. The concept of a business consumer emphasizes the presence of a mobile technology revolution: people are adapting to the digital world in all areas of their daily lives. The need to integrate a mobile strategy into the work environment is pressing and crucial in being able to communicate effectively and efficiently in the way consumers and employees are demanding. CIO's are executing digital strategies in the workplace to provide a consumer-like computing environment to intrinsically motivate and inspire employees to be better connected to enterprise outcomes. 


CIO's are beginning to understand the value in creating a successful digital workplace environment. According to the 2015 Gartner CIO Survey, mobility is a top CIO initiative with 62% of customer-facing applications and 48% employee-facing applications being designed for mobile. In order for businesses to create value today, CIO's need to transform the old way of working to remaster their business. Interactive internal mobile applications, device autonomy and enterprise social networks are a few ways an organization can supply employees with the tools they need to better serve themselves, consumers, and the company. 


Mobile applications are used to benchmark employee performance and productivity, encouraging them to work more efficiently or keep their progress on track. The applications are user friendly and easily understood to the non-tech savvy employee. Organizations are also implementing BYOD strategies, which has been a defining factor of a digital strategy. Employees are often willing to work longer hours and be more productive on their own devices. People are also happier when they have the flexibility to create their own schedules and can work remotely where they want, when they want. IT managers are creating work atmospheres where employees can communicate seamlessly with each other through social enterprise networks. A digital workplace is in the near future to be the rule, not the exception. Enterprises and CIO's need to be ready for this transition and embrace the benefits of motivating employees through a digital strategy.