Digital Tools Maximize Employee Productivity & Motivation


Have you ever wondered how to keep employees motivated or concerned how to re inspire them? Enterprises in every industry struggle with the dilemma that workers cannot maintain 100% productivity every day, all day. Many factors play a part in worker's staying focused: office floor plans, temperature, outdoor view, noise, company culture, time, and technology tools. While all of these need to be addressed by management to delight employees, we are only going to focus on the last element, technology tools. 

Consumers and employees alike are turning to easily accessible mobile devices as their main communication outlet. Forrester calculated there were 2 billion smart phone owners in 2014 and there will be a projected 5 billion by 2019. The move to mobile is evident and consumers are voicing loudly how they wish to communicate with businesses. Enterprises must supply employees with the digital tools necessary to keep up with consumer demands by ensuring productivity. 

While BYOD strategies have proven to add significant value to employee performance outcomes, mobile devices are not the only way to motivate workers. According to a Microsoft survey, employees who have access to dual-monitors boosted productivity by somewhere between 9 and 50%. Intel also found that allowing employees to work either from their personal laptops or company laptops in a flexible manner improved work efficiency by about 100 hours annually.

It is easy to underestimate the power technology has in the workplace although it is undeniably affecting our personal lives. Companies need to allow their employees to work in a way that works best for them. Workers know their intrinsic motivators and their personal key drivers for productivity. Understand what tools employees need to be successful and the numbers will speak for themselves.