Are You Truly Communicating With Your Customers?


It should be no surprise that customers are changing the way they interact with businesses. Lack of communication with customers, misplaced files, messy hand-written notes with minimal data, and customer frustration are no longer broken business functions companies have to face. The importance of a company to be mobile is old news but how do enterprises take it further to stay ahead of the game? Its all about how you connect with your customer.

People want to do business with other people. They want to feel special and desire a personalized customer experience. However, humanizing business interactions is not always possible with thousands of customers needing attention and their questions answered when you only have so many employees available to do so.

Salesforce is a fully-fledged platform providing businesses the opportunity to become consumer-centric companies and better serve their customers. Salesforce simplifies traditional business processes by integrating everything businesses do with their customers and putting it on one platform. Need something specific for your company? No problem. Customized consumer mobile applications can be built on top of the Salesforce platform to ensure every touch point for customers will be tracked and stored for every employee to access to further engage and service their customers.

Salesforce also offers a community cloud for customers, partners, and employees to interact seamlessly with one another. Customer questions can be answered immediately by the Salesforce community all within the Salesforce app. We will dive into this feature in detail in a few weeks.

Let's check out how the retail industry utilizes Salesforce:

The retail industry is disrupting traditional shopping with customer-based mobile apps. Personal online shoppers are becoming increasingly popular because mobile apps are making it easy for companies to acquire copious amounts of data and information on their customers. Consumers can create an online shopping account on their phone and tell the app their blouse or shoe size, maybe different brands fit differently and they can save that information in the app too. Following consumers on social media is simple through the platform. An employee can see if their consumer just got a job promotion on LinkedIN and needs a new appropriate outfit or if they have a big event coming up. Personal shoppers have access to exactly what it is the customer wants.

Even the banking industry capitalizes on the value of the Salesforce platform:

Nobody likes calling the bank and having to be put on hold for hours, and when you are finally connected to someone, they don't always have the information you need. Why not utilize the platform and check your app to see if you can afford a mortgage, even if you're sitting on the train or out with friends? transferring funds, checking balances, knowing where the nearest ATM machine is, all within one app. Contacting the appropriate people with the right information for you has never been easier or more immediate.

The entire customer life cycle is all within Salesforce. Only having basic contact information about your customer is no longer acceptable. Connect with customers on social media, anticipate their needs before they ask, make it easy for them to connect with you and have full knowledge of who they are as a person. Are you going to continue the traditional communication channel that customers dread or be at the forefront of offering the best customer experience? Transcend existing expectations of your consumers.