Creating a global event and ticket management platform

Get To Know TicketSauce

TicketSauce is a complete private label event management software platform that generates additional revenue and data for media companies, event organizers, convention centers/visitor bureaus and other organizations.

Crucial to any company in today’s competitive market is the data that they collect, cultivate and keep about their customers. Unfortunately, for a lot of companies they don’t realize what this data is, or even that they own the exclusive rights to use and keep it. Across the digital ticketing sector, the analysis of this “first-party data” presents a huge advantage for companies to grow, service and satisfy current clients as well as model “look alike” clients. The use of this data helps anticipate future customer and prospect needs, assisting across all lines of business of an organization.

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Client Challenges

After rapidly growing its global customer and partner network consisting of media organizations, associations, agencies and direct event organizers, TicketSauce faced new challenges with supporting a global user base. Some of these challenges included:

  • effectively managing the order creation & fulfillment process
  • supporting international payment types
  • integrating with various external physical devices, such as mobile ticket printers and credit card readers/POS  systems

These challenges resulted  in missed ticket sale opportunities and poor user-experiences for all stakeholders, from event organizers to event attendees. 

TicketSauce Case Study-2

Strategy and Solution

Together, the TicketSauce and R/CS teams have worked closely over the past year and a half to consult on technical architecture, articulate the updated product vision and provide on-going software development support . R/CS has helped TicketSauce launch, enhance, and maintain four different mobile applications that are part of the overall TicketSauce event management platform.

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A Note From The TicketSauce Director of Product

"Our apps's primary function are to assess payments and validate tickets by scanning QR codes. This required us to integrate a multitude of third-party services into our core platform.  The R/CS Team worked to ensure the integration process went smoothly. They’ve also made a lot of valuable enhancements to all of our mobile apps and provide bug fixes when needed. They’re essentially our full-time development resource and have completed multiple projects for us."

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