Generating and distributing leads at scale

Get To Know is an online marketplace for remote work. They do for work-at-home freelancers what Uber does for drivers. Like Uber, there are two sides to's marketplace: people that pay for services, and people that get paid to work. 

Today offers four services and they will launch more in the next few years. Their initial offerings are: audio transcription, video captions, document translation, and on-demand mobile tutoring via iPhone. They believe many types of work can be done remotely, and has game plan to change more of them in the years to come. Rev has raised tens of millions of dollars from Silicon Valley VC’s. 

They believe data is one of the most important assets that has, and both their marketplace platform and internal business applications, such as Salesforce and Pardot, hold an enormous amount of valuable data. Salesforce Integration Case Study

Client Challenges

To understand the complexity of the case, it’s useful to first understand the's unique business model. is an online marketplace that matches freelancer workers which specialize in transcription and translation services with clients looking for those services. It takes a cut in the fees charged for each project.'s clients range from Fortune 100 companies needing translations to churches that want to transcribe a sermon. 

Prior to partnering with R/CS to implement and customize Pardot, faced a few key challenges:

  • Lack of visibility with enterprise sales team: the demand generation/marketing team communicated to the enterprise sales team about the campaigns they were running but the sales team couldn't see it themselves which caused a lack of transparency. 
  • Syncing issues between Salesforce & their legacy provider forced the team to track lead data in Excel.

To support their continued investment in improving customer experiences, decided to highly customize their Salesforce’s sales cloud, service cloud, and Pardot orgs. Their overall goal: provide their growing enterprise sales and customer success teams with 360-degree customer views populated with real-time data from their online marketplace platform and marketing website. Pardot Campaign Influence Dashboard

Strategy and Solution expected its digital agency to work with them not for them. Furthermore, they expected their agency to help them understand each integration between Pardot and Salesforce before implementation. They expected to reflect their brand better with each outbound communication and track visitors action and  place them into appropriate intelligent lead nurturing programs.

R/CS's engagement included everything from revamping data capture via custom designed landing pages and contact forms, implementing lead scoring and queues, and differentiating lead sources. Additionally, the engagement standardized structures, categories, and hierarchies so could roll up campaign reporting, drill down on activities, and monitor meaningful dashboards.



Sales Productivity Soars with Pardot

The single greatest thing Pardot has provided is the ability to track and report on Marketing Influenced Revenue. This has been key in reporting back to the executive team.

End-to-End Visibility and Insights now has full visibility into marketing campaigns, pipeline, and lead flow, from start to revenue. According to Daniel Lambert, Demand & Marketing Operations Manager at, “We finally have transparency into what’s going on with our online marketing initiatives. Our reporting dashboard makes it simple to see marketing contribution to pipeline or revenue, campaign performance against goals, and which areas need attention, such as BDR follow-up on marketing qualified leads. With these metrics and insights, we can reinforce the right behaviors or quickly take corrective measures.”

He added, “One thing we have learned is that there is a need for continual adjustment in set up, tracking, and reporting to reflect changing business needs or new operational challenges. We will continue to partner with R/CS to guide us through these new challenges.”

Better Data Quality

Today, it’s a lot easier for's demand and marketing operations team to manage data quality. They get weekly reports on opportunity and account changes, and ensure sales is capturing data correctly for accurate reporting. “Data accuracy is inherently challenging, but now that we have so much more visibility, we can pick up on inconsistencies and fix them so they don’t negatively affect our campaigns and metrics,” Lambert said.

Fast, Agile Campaign Set-Up

Once standardized their marketing operations, they can now roll out campaigns much more quickly. “It’s pretty much a cookie cutter approach now. We can do four campaigns or offers in an hour, instead of spending a couple of hours on just one,” Lambert said. “This frees up time to focus on content and best execution and helps us be more agile in rolling out a busy campaign schedule with limited resources.”  

Facilitates Decision-Making and Renewals

With more valuable information at its fingertips, can make smarter marketing operations decisions. For instance, Lambert was able to determine that some campaigns weren’t working as well as expected for their spend, and quickly scaled these activities down.

The marketing and enterprise sales teams, which track opportunities by expansion and net-new, also has more fodder to support’s customer success team. “ is laser-focused on ensuring expansion opportunities are shored up. We’ve ramped up our customer marketing programs. Based on customers’ interactions with those campaigns, we can more easily provide our customer success team with engagement data and indications of potential product interest.”

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