Unlocking the value of business data to build a 360-degree view of its business

Get To Know is an online marketplace for remote work. They do for work-at-home freelancers what Uber does for drivers. Like Uber, there are two sides to's marketplace: people that pay for services, and people that get paid to work. 

Today offers four services and they will launch more in the next few years. Their initial offerings are: audio transcription, video captions, document translation, and on-demand mobile tutoring via iPhone. They believe many types of work can be done remotely, and has game plan to change more of them in the years to come. Rev has raised tens of millions of dollars from Silicon Valley VC’s. 

They believe data is one of the most important assets that has, and both their marketplace platform and internal business applications, such as Salesforce, hold an enormous amount of valuable data. Salesforce Integration Case Study

Client Challenges

To understand the complexity of the case, it’s useful to first understand the's unique business model. is an online marketplace that matches freelancer workers which specialize in transcription and translation services with clients looking for those services. It takes a cut in the fees charged for each project.'s clients range from Fortune 100 companies needing translations to churches that want to transcribe a sermon. 

To support their continued investment in improving customer experiences, decided to highly customize their Salesforce’s sales cloud, service cloud, and Pardot orgs. Their goal: provide their growing enterprise sales and customer success teams with 360-degree customer views populated with real-time data from their online marketplace platform.

Due to the projected business impact expected from integrating all of their Salesforce Clouds with their core marketplace platform, the executive team set an aggressive six-month timeline for the company to bring a pilot group into production. Sharing data in real time across multiple systems would be critical to realize the promise of a 360 degree customer view. Salesforce Integration Case Study Data Driven Company

Strategy and Solution

The scope and complexity of the integration project, which required real-time integration across multiple cloud systems and services, demanded new tools to make development faster and more agile. The R/CS Cloud Architecture Team quickly identified that in order to be successful, needed a new integration platform/ETL service that could support real-time data transfer across a variety of enterprise applications and databases, including Salesforce and SQL Server.

Given R/CS's vast experience and technical competency with Amazon Web Services and the Salesforce Platform , they choose to utilize the following AWS Services in their integration middleware stack

  • Amazon RDS:
  • Amazon Glue:
  • Amazon S3:
  • Amazon Lambda: Salesforce Integration Case Study 3

A Data Driven Future, Powered by AWS & Salesforce

By integrating their marketplace platform with their Salesforce org, intends to bolster their market leadership and drive increased revenue through improved customer engagement. Moving forward, now plans on migrating existing integrations to AWS Glue and to support new additions to the current integration middleware stack. Their end goal is to make AWS Glue the sole platform/service for all of their integrations, thereby empowering the Engineering Team to nimbly respond to whatever the business demands in order to support continued growth.

Rev Salesforce Integration 360 View of Customer Salesforce Integration 360 View of Customer Data Salesforce Integration Data Driven Culture