Stay Connected With Salesforce Communities


Companies are going beyond engaging with customers and partners; they are striving to enrich their member's lives with meaningful and valuable information accessible to everyone in one place. The ability to share and be a click away from information is essential to be a true customer-centric company. The communication channel between customers, employees, and partners needs to be open and simple. Salesforce communities are a great way for users of the cloud to participate and collaborate with those with similar interests. Post questions, browse helpful library resources, join conversations, contribute ideas, and share files with peers in your community. With a company like Salesforce, answers from experts and thought leaders are right at your fingertips. Truly, communities can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

A community can be created for any specific need of the company and is completely customizable. Keep your business goals as well as what your members want in mind when strategizing community ideas. Ideally, you would want to invest in a community manager who understands both the needs of the business and of the members so they can focus on maximizing member engagement and value. Of course linking your community to social platforms goes without saying these days, share as much as possible! You always want to be where your members are and provide relevant, helpful information to build trust.

Once a community is created it is important to draw members in and show them the value of joining your community. The community manager would take the lead in developing the necessary tools to spark the interest of members and encourage them to interact and connect. Make interacting within your company easy for members. Employees should understand their contribution to the community and stay active within the platform. Once you build a community it requires special care. After all, the main purpose of a community is providing an easy and quick place for members to find answers to their problems. Evaluate regularly community success: are members responding to your developments? do they see the value you are offering them? Be prepared to tweak programs and offerings within the community and always re-analyze your efforts. 

Customer relationships are differentiating the good businesses from the great ones. People are going to work with those organizations who provide exceptional customer service, easy communication channels, and who add continual value to their lives. Do it all in one place and join the 2,000,000 users who are already in the Salesforce community.