Are You a Truly Connected Enterprise?


A nexus of forces is redefining the way businesses interact with their customers and employees. Everyone and everything is being connected. It is the singe most innovative and powerful time in the history of information technology. However, the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity has also lead to an exponential growth in the volume of customer and employee data. Cloud based systems, like the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, have begun to conquer this unprecedented sea of data. Truly connected enterprises have devised extensive master data management and data integration strategies, where Salesforce interacts seemlessly with adjacent systems, including on-premise databases, ERP, and various custom applications.  Intergration plays a critical part in enabling connected enterprises to derive actionable insights from relevant data in real time. 

Navigating the enterprise application integration landscape is daunting. No application can work in isolation. The good news, though, is that accross the broad landscape of integration needs, patterns do emerge for how to best address these challenges. 

Our team of integration masterminds will discuss the five most common Salesforce integration patterns within connected enterprises. Our analysis and discussion will be covered across a five-part series of posts titled Integration Patterns for the Connected Enterprise.